You Will Not Believe What These Lottery Winners Do After They Collect Their Jackpot Win

You may not believe it, but many people who are blessed with a jackpot win do not even keep a single penny for themselves. Others donate huge sums of money to charity organizations and even become regular donators. What would you do if you won a big jackpot of tens of millions of dollars?

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More Donations

The question is pertinent because if you take a closer look at recent lottery history, the facts speak for themselves. Most jackpot winners and lottery winners in general – independent of the prize money keep all of it for themselves. This is as expected, so nobody should be particularly surprised.  But the surprising thing is that 20 to 25% of all winners donate large sums of money to one or more charities. And also that the number of people donating nothing is decreasing. It seems like people are getting nicer, particularly after a lottery jackpot win.

Charity Organizations

What would you do if you suddenly won a large sum of money?Look at Sheelah Ryan, for example. Now, this is not a recent example but from all the way back to the end of the 1980s. A quite innocent time in terms of lotteries and lottery payouts, because a win of 55 million dollars was considered extremely high. These days it is not unheard of that a lottery like Powerball distributes several thousands of millions of dollars each year, even creating billionaire. But in 1988 55 million was the equivalent of at least ten times that sum today. And a woman called Sheelah Ryan won this big jackpot in a Florida lottery. But she didn’t buy a Ferrari, a nice mansion, nor did she travel the world. She decided she wanted to do some good with the money and founded a charity to help elderly and homeless people.


159 Million Dollars

Rumors have it that she did spend some of the money on herself, as well, but the majority went straight into her own charity called The Ryan Foundation. Now, imagine if more lottery winners who win a big jackpot would take a small percentage of their money and plow into charity? But Ryan isn’t the only one. A man called Shaw McBride won 159 million US dollars back in the 1990s and gave away every single penny. Yes, that’s right – he didn’t even buy a car, a house, or any other object for himself. In fact, he took only a few months to give away his fortune. Four to five months and he had given away the entire sum of 159 million dollars to a string of charities.

European Winners

Huge jackpot wins are not just a phenomenon of the USA. As a matter of fact, many astronomic wins have been recorded in Europe, with the UK and Germany on the top, and Italy in third place. Playing the lottery is extremely common in the UK, in particular, and a large percentage of the English play regularly. Not just the English, because let’s not forget that the UK consists of four countries: England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. And in talking about Scotland, quite a few of the Scots have won decent sums of money in the national lottery. Some of them have even donated to charity.

Scottish Lottery

Take Chris and Colin Weir, for example, who donated well over 80% of their 249 million dollar win to the cause for Scottish independence. The struggle is over for now, with the referendum of 2014, but who knows – with that monetary injection perhaps the Scots will manage to free themselves of England in the near future. A highly original donation, from a highly original pair of Scots. The same amount of money was won by an elderly gentleman from Tennessee. Roy Cockrum had played the Powerball lottery and managed to secure the highest prize every paid out in a Tennesee lottery. 259 million dollars was the amount that he could’ve enjoyed for himself. He told the press that the money came in handy as he needed to take care of his parents.

Charity Work

The truth is that he didn’t just help his own parents, but donated to several charities and even started a few himself. Mr. Cockrum stated that he just wanted to help other people. Which he surely did. He set aside a small amount for himself, and for his family, but a major part of that 259 million went to people he never knew. People who needed help. What would you do if you won a big jackpot? Would you do as the majority, and keep the money for yourself, or would you instead give away some, a large part or perhaps even all your winnings to charity? Think about that the next time you play the lottery, as you may be that jackpot winner sooner than you thin. And what better than to play now