Choosing Your Lottery Numbers: Quick Picks vs. Self Picks

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Playing the lottery is a great way to try your luck and win some good money. It is also an easy way to get that nice little thrill of excitement in your everyday life. Especially for first-timers, the prospect of picking the numbers, buying a lottery ticket and making a bet can be the source of jitters. And if you go on playing and get a good understanding of lottery rules, lottery tickets can be stress-free sources of fun. But the big question always is - how to choose the winning numbers?


There has been an ongoing discussion about the most reliable ways and strategies of choosing the right lottery numbers. And even though there is no one perfect method to pick the winning lottery numbers, there are several approaches you can try.


Self picks - the traditional approach


Picking your own numbers is called self pick and it is the most traditional method among lottery players. Some like to use numbers that are linked to important events, dates of birth or anniversaries. Others try to boost their chances by checking statistics of winning lottery numbers or creating their own systems of picking the numbers.

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Picking your own numbers can be fun. If you have your lucky numbers, you can use them in your lottery picks. The only drawback of self picks is that humans are all generally programmed the same. This means that your favorite numbers are probably someone else's favorite numbers too. Statistically, the most popular picks for lucky numbers are 7 and 11, so you might want to be careful with these ones, as they might be chosen by a large amount of players.


If you decide to use the numbers that are important to you, like dates of your birthday, anniversaries, telephone numbers, addresses or ages of your loved ones, you can either use the one set in several draws or you can try to mix them a little and create more than one combination of numbers. The tricky part to this approach is that the numbers connected to calendar dates only range from 1 to 31 and this small range is used by a big group of players. This means that once you hit the winning lottery numbers with this method, there is a high possibility that you will have to share the prize with other players.


An important tip to bear in mind is that people who play the same numbers every week can become 'addicted' to the lottery over fears that their usual numbers will come up if they do not buy a ticket. Using different numbers each week can help you stay in control and does not affect your odds of winning.


Another common way is to study the lottery statistics and pick the winning numbers from previous draws. If you have a bit of spare time to go through the numbers, you can try out this way and pick your numbers based on the most often winning numbers. Some of the most frequently winning numbers are 20, 37, 2, 31, and 35. However, following lottery frequency schemes may not be the best approach, as every number has an equal chance of winning, no matter how recently it was drawn. Long hours of analyzing lottery statistics may not lead you to actually winning.


Quick picks - your winning numbers just a click away


If you want to try your luck in a lottery, but feel uninspired when it comes to picking the numbers, our online number generator is the right choice for you!


Number generators are very easy to use. You chose how many tickets you want (the more tickets you buy, the bigger the chances for a win), give the lottery name and then it’s just one click for the generator to select the numbers for you. This method is often called quick pick and it is - fast and easy. You save your time and avoid the risk of over-thinking your numbers combination. Quick pick guarantees a completely random choice.  It works by giving you combinations of numbers automatically so you don't have to fill in the little bubbles. And you don’t get stuck with the same set of numbers over and over again. They might be meaningful to you or your loved ones, but are not necessarily the winning lottery numbers. Using quick pick actually gives you a better chance of covering the number matrix of a given lottery. Also, quick picks tend to generate a different set of numbers each time, which helps to build up anticipation and can be more fun and exciting than using your own set of numbers you tend to usually choose.


As quick picks are the most popular method among players, statistically most winning lottery numbers come from number generators! However, it is important to remember that the method is not completely flawless (and can’t be). Number generators will not give you the guarantee that the batch chosen will not come up to some other player, so there are still some odds of sharing the prize if you get the winning lottery numbers. But still, the full range of numbers used randomly by number generators, can increase your chances to win.



Whichever method you decide to use, whether it’s self pick or quick pick with a number generator, don’t forget that in the end lottery is a matter of luck and there is never a 100% certainty of winning. If there was - it wouldn’t be so much fun anymore!