Discover The Crazy Sums of Money Involved In These Record Breaking, Life-Changing Powerball Jackpots

Huge jackpots are not uncommon in the Powerball Lottery. And any Powerball winner is facing potentially large sums of money. Did you know the following facts about record breaking Powerball Jackpots?

huge jackpots

Powerball Jackpot

The highest ever Powerball jackpot is also the highest ever jackpot awarded in any lottery worldwide. And we’re talking about a huge jackpot of over one and a half billion US dollars. Yes, that’s right. On the 13th of January of 2016, three lucky winners got their hands on this dream jackpot. A win of over 500 million dollars for each Powerball winner. Not bad. For this amount, you can buy 2000 Ferrari 488’s if you feel like it. Or, more humbly, one Ferrari for each continent and a private jet to fly you around. Still, you would get pocket money of about 400 million dollars. And that’s just for one of the winners, for this particular jackpot had three winners. Wow. This is truly a huge jackpot, about three times bigger than most other top jackpots.


powerball ticketBut the chances of these huge jackpots returning soon are not that small. The Powerball Jackpot is historically strong when it comes to jackpots and prizes.  In the same year that this record breaking Powerball jackpot was paid out the Powerball lottery also paid out three other crazy jackpots of around 500 million dollars each. Truly amazing, if you think about it. Virtually no other lottery comes close, so the Powerball lives up to its name. And “powerful” is the right word to describe how such a huge jackpot may change a person’s life once won. Reading about Powerball winners is fascinating, and sometimes even touching. Although winning these sums of money may be psychologically challenging.


Powerball Stories

The Powerball Lottery has a long experience with taking care of winners. You may not think about it, but in addition to needing advice on how to invest these surreal sums of money, many people also need psychological help. Even winning a million dollars can fundamentally change lives more than you think, so just think how 500 million dollars could affect you. With large sums of money like this, are you one hundred percent certain that you would like to continue your relationships exactly as you have leading up to the lottery jackpot? Many find they don’t. But even if your relationship survives such a win, and perhaps even grows stronger, you could be in for a shock. Which could mean counseling. On a positive note, you will have plenty of money to pay for your lottery-shrink, so no need to start worrying about that. In fact, you will never have to worry about not having enough money. Ever. Again. A situation all of us would love to be in.


The Huge Jackpot Effect

The fact that a lottery like the Powerball offers a huge jackpot has in itself an interesting, psychological effect. Because the higher the jackpot is rumored to become, the more people will play the lottery. This may seem obvious, but it’s a little more complicated. Instead of giving 500 million dollars to one player, the lottery could give one million dollars to 500 players. This would seriously increase your chances of a win. And winning a million dollars is not something to look lightly upon. But the fact remains that people prefer playing the lottery when there’s a huge jackpot involved. We can call this the Huge Jackpot Effect. And it’s a very interesting phenomenon. Furthermore, you can see this effect in all major lotteries, all over the world. Not just in the Powerball. Although the effect is very visible when there’s a huge Powerball jackpot. Simply because the Powerball lottery has more jackpots than any other lottery.


Get Started

People just love jackpots, and the higher they are, the better. People also like to read about the Powerball winner, so the media is also an important factor in promoting increased sales. When people see that others win, and big, they are much more likely to play the lottery next time there’s a huge jackpot. It all snowballs like this. The more people that play, the higher the jackpot, the more people play, etc. More people who are not normally lottery players buy a ticket when the jackpots accumulate. So in many ways, it’s the non-regular player who suddenly becomes a player. Whatever you think about these things, the only rule is to take part. You need to play to win. And the safest bet is to play the Powerball weekly. Don’t forget to check the latest results each and every week, because - would you believe it – many people win the jackpot but never know it as they didn’t check the results!