How Many People Play Online Lottery Today?

It's never been easier to play lottery online.


So many people play the lottery that the question is missed by most people. But there still are people who never play. People who never get, not even sporadically, a lottery ticket. A fascinating fact. These days, with online lottery, it has never been easier to play. Still, most people do not engage in lotteries. Why is that?


Lottery Online

According to different gallops and polls, 60% of the population play the lottery at least one time during a calendar year. Independent of which lottery they play, or whether the taking part in the online lottery or just a simple, paper ticket. But these people only play the lottery one or two times during the year. The number is quite high, but the amazing thing, still, is that 40% of the population never even bothers to play the lottery or online lottery even once. Quite extraordinary if you think about how easy it is to play, how cheap it is and how huge the prizes are. Sure, the lotteries know that the higher the prize money, the more people will play. This is why most lotteries always try to maximize their jackpots. A move that works wonders for lottery ticket sales. And we regularly see that sales go through the roof those weeks where prizes hit record heights. But some people never, ever buy a lottery ticket.


Winning the lottery is as rare as being struck by lightning.

Some of these people are hard-core, left brain types who believe that the chances of winning the lottery is lower than being struck by lightning. You probably know the type; the ones who always hit you on the head with statistics and tell you that winning the lottery is a pipe dream. You may tell them about the undisputable fact that people actually win, each and every week. And that if mathematical statistics were to be followed blindly, surely there would be weeks where not a single person managed to guess the correct numbers. Still, nothing seems to convince these people that a lottery win is possible and that playing the lottery makes sense even if the chances are small. Other non-players may paradoxically, not feel they have the money to play. And while that may be true in some sense, don’t forget all those stories about people who have virtually nothing, play the lottery and then win millions. These lottery stories are amazing, even though many of these take a turn for the worse when they manage to quickly lose all they won. No matter how you look at it one thing’s for sure: if you don’t buy that lottery ticket, you will never win. So what’s the harm of trying? Just don’t forget about it so that you skip checking the numbers. You would be surprised at how many people do just that!


Online Lottery

Playing the lottery online has helped sales incredibly. Never before has so many people gone through the steps of how to buy Powerball ticket online. And it makes sense. You can take part in the online lottery by accessing the lottery site with your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So there are no more excuses! Before, you had to line up to buy. This could mean several minutes of waiting around, in addition to the hassle of taking time out from your busy schedule to do so. But these days playing the lottery online is a breeze. So real excuses are getting fewer and fewer. If you feel like playing the lottery but can’t be bothered to waste time, simply play the lottery online. Some people are still worried about security issues about buying things online, and particularly in playing the lottery, but if you take some basic precautions, little can go wrong. Shortly it will be even easier to play lottery online as we sew the new generation security certificates and even the more high-tech payment solutions like fingerprint verification, and in a few years from now: retina scans. Who knows, with the soon-to-be implemented online lottery technology, even more than 60% of the population will start playing the lottery online, and this will mean higher jackpots. Which again will increase participation, and so on ad infinitum.


Playing the lottery is a simple and cheap way of adding some thrills do your daily life, and the wins could be big. If you still don’t know how to play the lottery online, there are many pages on this site that can help you.

Good luck!