Winning The Lottery , Step-By-Step

How do you pick winning numbers?

“How to win the lottery” is, without a doubt, the number one question on most people’s minds. Because even if mathematicians and other hard-core scientific reductionists claim that the chances of winning are slim to none, and none just left the building, the facts remain: normal, regular people win the lottery every week. This simple fact does wonders for your belief in the system because you instantly see that there is more to winning the lottery than merely mathematical statistics. 


Pick Winning Numbers

How do you pick winning numbers is the re-formulation of the previous question, how to win the lottery. It may seem obvious, but winning the lottery is a “simple” question of identifying those winning numbers. In the model of the world that scientists currently have, seeing what will happen in the future is not something that is allowed for. But Einstein showed us that time is relative, and quantum physics has done more to raise questions about cause and effect, and time, than any other theory of physics. You may adhere strictly to scientific principles, but so does the scientists that claim time may not be linear. In short, there are many possibilities out there. And this could open up to the possibility of winning the lottery. It all boils down to this: pick winning numbers.


Winning The Lottery

Choosing winning numbers by mathematical equations

Winning the lottery may not be impossible if you consider these things. And there are many tools to help you. You already know that the majority of people play certain “lucky numbers.” These are numbers that have some significance to them. It could be the date of birth of children, grandchildren, parents, partners or other loved ones. Or simply a lucky number that you have. Others are more tuned into trying to see numbers in their day to day lives. And you’d be amazed at how you can find numbers simply by being more alert. Are you trying to cross the street and a car almost runs you over? Did you catch a glimpse of that plate? Maybe that is your lucky number of the week? Memorize it, write it down, and include it in your next lottery ticket. Phone numbers are another, obvious candidate. Did someone call, but it was the wrong number? Well, maybe this could be your lucky number, so who’s to say that it is wrong. If you open up for a belief in higher powers, even how small that belief is, then you open up for all kinds of magic. Most people don’t realize this and avoid opening up their eyes to these events, but if you just take the information that is given to you on a daily basis, and look at it with new eyes, you could be betting on a winning number.



Luck often comes in waves, have you notice that? Again, a concept that some people deny completely, particularly if they’re asked about. At home, by themselves, when nobody’s watching, these hard-core left-brainers soften up. And nothing’s wrong with that, after all: we’re human. The Chinese are incredibly preoccupied with luck and the fact that luck seems to be something that can be attracted (or repelled) by thinking the right thoughts, and doing the right things. If you want to learn how to win the lottery, and to pick winning numbers, learn from the Chinese. Become a little pre-occupied with luck. Do you have any lucky charms? If not, get some. Keep them close. Do you have a lucky color? Get one, and use it more. Cultivate your lucky numbers, too. Some people believe that we attract luck by our way of thinking, so if you just change the way you think, perhaps you could attract more luck? Winning the lottery is not a science, and most people are skeptical about things that reeks of superstition. But if you cannot accept that there are more secrets to life, still, than things that we have figure out, then you would be dishonest intellectually.


So open your eyes, and your mind and start believing in luck, and in the ability to pick winning numbers. Instead of using online tools, become your lottery number generator. You could win!