Don’t Make These Powerball Lottery Mistakes

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Powerball is one of the most popular lotteries in the USA. But are you aware of the rules and regulations? And are you on the lookout for the most widespread lottery scams?


Choose Numbers

Most people find the Powerball lottery is extremely fun, not least because of the many large jackpots or Grand prizes that this lottery offers. And in addition to these prizes, there are many smaller prizes, often tens of thousands of dollars. All in all, the Powerball is a lottery that pays out big money regularly, which makes it popular. And the basic rules are straightforward. All you need to do is choose five numbers, five regular numbers, plus one so-called Powerball number. The regular numbers need to be from 1 to 69, and you can choose any number between 1 and 26 for your Powerball number. These are the Powerball lottery rules when it comes to picking the numbers. Don’t forget that you may let the system pick your numbers for you, in that case; you simply mark the QP-box.


Power Playpowerball lottery sign

Powerball jackpots start at 40 million US dollars, so you are always guaranteed a cool payout should your numbers turn out to be the winning numbers. To secure your Powerball jackpot, you need to have all five regular numbers plus the Powerball number. If you are missing the Powerball number, but the five numbers are all winners, you’ve won Second Tier. Which means a cool win of one million dollars. But there are seven more ways to win, so even if you didn’t secure the top two prizes, you do have many other opportunities. This is one of the reasons why the Powerball lottery is so popular. Take particular note of the Power Play option. Which may be a good investment, because if you’re willing to pay another $1 per play you could increase your non-Grand Prize winnings by as much as ten times. Yes, you read correctly. The Power Play number will be chosen with one of these frequencies: 1- 10X, 2 - 5X, 3 – 4X, 13-3X, 24 – 2X.


Playing Guidelines

The Powerball rules give other options, as well, one of the interesting ones is that you can choose to play your numbers for the next ten drawings. In this way, you don’t have to remember to buy a ticket each and every week. Simply mark the Multi-Draw option, and you’re set. A handy tip if you know that you’ll be playing the same numbers week after week. Make sure you sign your lottery ticket, because if the ticket is unsigned, anyone may claim an eventual prize. And do make sure you check your numbers each and every time you play. You would be amazed at the number of people who forget that they’ve played, then goes on to win a huge prize that they never receive because they do not even verify their numbers. If you forget to check your numbers for a few weeks, don’t worry – you’ll still get your money, but you need to claim any winnings within 180 days, at the maximum. If in doubt, check out the playing guidelines.


Lottery Scams

Unfortunately, there are many Powerball lottery scams out there. And lottery scams in general even if they’re not related to the Powerball. If you’re a regular player, you’d better spend some time researching the most common lottery scams so that you can avoid them. One thing is making sure that you buy a lottery ticket that is valid – from a valid reseller. This is extremely important, as you will not be eligible for any prize money won on a false ticket. But this isn’t all, as there are many unscrupulous scammers out there that will even take the scam one step further. Have you heard about the lottery mafia that calls people up, tell them that they’re winners and then go on to ask for all kinds of personal information, including credit card numbers and pin codes?


Think Clearly

You may find it implausible, but the truth is that most people believe what they want to believe. So if someone calls you up and tells you that you’ve won tens of thousands of dollars, maybe even more, are you one hundred percent certain that you’ll not become excited and emotional enough to forget about common sense, and maybe even start giving away personal information? Another common scam is to call you and ask for a tax payment of your prize money. Let’s say they tell you you’ve won 10,000 dollars, well; they may tell you they’re with the federal government or the IRS, and demand that you make a quick payment of 5% of that amount. Whatever you do, do not give them your credit card number, or any other information. And rest assured that if the IRS thinks you owe them money, they will not ask you to pay with a credit card over the phone. 


Now you know the rules and how to avoid the scams, click here to play powerball for real and good luck!