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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Play Online Powerball Lottery!

The Powerball lottery game is popularly known around the world as “America’s Game”. It is frequently called this because it is the most commonly played lottery game in the US. Despite the fact that is hasn’t been around for all that long, this cool lottery game has been extremely popular among the public of all ages and stages in the States. Interestingly, the Powerball lottery is also one of the most played lotteries outside the boundaries of America, making it clear that this is a very sought after game.

Why Play the Powerball Online?

  1. Since its first draw in October 2015, the Powerball became even bigger and better. The game combines the two winning features of a jackpot game and a cash game. Today, even players who are not located in the US can easily access Powerball lottery via the internet. This is great news for all the passionate players of this great lottery game.
  2. When looking to play the game on the internet, the choice of which lottery platform to use might seem a little bit daunting or time-consuming for some. For this reason, we at Powerball Lottery are proud to offer players of all Countries the same quality services and tools, so that they can find all that they need in order to play Powerball, buy Powerballtickets online and check the latest Powerball results in one convenient place.

Getting Started

Players who want to be able to play the Powerball easily can go ahead and create their personalized account on Powerball-Play. This is the first step that must be taken in order to enter the world of the online Powerball lottery game. After the initial registration, players can add a payment method by choosing from a wide range of accepted methods. Once you’ve opened an account for yourself, it’s time to think about purchasing your first Powerball lottery ticket online! Obviously, players can also decide to purchase multiple tickets in order to increase their chances of winning a prize, it’s all up to you!

As you can see, playing online Powerball is much simpler and more convenient to do when using our platform. So, instead of needing to go out and look for a land-based retailer and waiting your turn to buy online Powerball tickets, you can play the game instantly from the comfort of your home or office. Playing online Powerball means that you have immediate and easy access to all the game features and options, that you want, as well as to the Powerball-Play services and tools, by directly using your personal online account.

How to Play the Powerball Lottery

As with many other lottery games, it is not complicated to play the Powerball lottery. However, there are a few details that players should keep in mind when playing Powerball lotto. The Powerball lottery game makes its draws on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10:59 pm Eastern Time. The draw is made through an automatic mechanism which is responsible for selecting random Powerball numbers balls, keeping the game as fair and secure as possible. Players who want to enjoy the Powerball lottery game must select 5 numbers from a 1-to-69 pool of numbers along with 1 complementary number from a separate 1-to-26 pool of numbers. The first or main pool of numbers is represented by the color WHITE, while the complementary number balls are colored RED. Thanks to the complementary number – which actually gives this lottery game the “Powerball” name, players can increase their odds of winning a prize. Get more details about how to play Powerball Lottery.

Winning the Powerball

The Powerball lottery game offers a big jackpot prize as well as a second prize. The Bowerball jackpot prize is won by matching all 5 main numbers and the Powerball number for a 5+1 set of numbers. Powerball Players who are assigned the jackpot prize can choose between two payment options:

1) Annual payment over 29 years, plus one immediate payment. Bowerball Lottery winners can choose the annuity payment, which means they will get their annual payment, increased by 5% each year, to account for natural inflations on the cost of living.

2) Cash lump sum payment. Players who choose to get cash payment must pay taxes on their Powerball win, but they walk away with a very large sum of money in their pocket.

The second prize is assigned to players who could match only 5 of the 5+1 set of drawn numbers in any order or, at least, matching 3 white ball numbers. Players who can match the red Powerball number can win a prize. The second Powerball prize is a $1,000,000 worth prize and it’s paid in cash.